Customized Third Party Ship Management

With over 40 years experience and expertise in the business of ship management and related marine services Freese Shipping is pleased to offer these ship management services to third party ship owners. We are specialized to meet the needs and requirements of  small to medium sized dry fleets / ship owners with focus on Multipurpose, Container and Bulk Carriers.
We can offer the full range of ship management incl. crew management customized to your specific needs:

Planned Maintenance
Freese Shipping uses the GL Ship Manager system for maximum efficiency in a variety of applications.

Repair and Maintenance
Our wide network of expert staff and contacts with selected worldwide engineering and ship repair companies guarantees competitive high quality standards on repair works large and small.

Dry Dockings and Repair
Freese Shipping can assist in or arrange complete dry dockings or bigger repair jobs even on basis single fee-based contracts in case of lack of own manpower.

Compliance Audits
Freese Shipping carries out audit planning, preparation and compliance for ISM and ISPS and all other statutory compliance requirements.

Flag State and Regional Compliance
Freese Shipping provide continual monitoring and auditing of all managed vessels to ensure that their documentation complies with all flag state and regional regulations

Stores Acquisition and Supply
Acquision and supply of stores by Freese Shipping managed ships is done through the GL Ship Manager system. All transactions are accessible by clients with regular audits and reporting being readily available

Survey and Inspection
The work of Freese Shipping ship surveyors does not end with the survey.  Freese Shipping also assist with practical ongoing advice for change and improvement.  Reports may also extend to on/off hire, ISM audits, ISPS audits and environmental considerations and structural and damage surveys

Fee-based Technical Support
Freese Shipping can give fee-based expert technical or accounting support to clients, including establishing offices where required on a long-term or short-term basis.  These services are also supplied as separate contracts, independent of our ship management services.
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